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Yennie Tegoshi
26 December 2010 @ 03:56 am
Hello everyone~ Wow! i havent been in LJ for a looooooooong ass time ever since i made twitter back in april~but now ima try to bring this LJ back to life~ but you guys can always find me at my twitter which is www.twitter.com/Yennstar7 feel free to add me there if you want since im on it everyday everyhour~and i also have tumblr which is http://lovelyfoxdemon.tumblr.com and im on there too~Im usually on at twitter and tumblr at the same time. I also have skype and its Yennstar7~ well those are the places where you can find me when im not on LJ. well thats it for today~ Bye bye <3

Love and Always Yennie

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Yennie Tegoshi
04 April 2010 @ 11:43 pm

Whoohoo! I make a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
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Yennie Tegoshi
23 February 2010 @ 01:57 am
Happy 24th birthday to Kamenashi Kazuya!!!!! yay!!!!!!  i wish him all the best! here is my fanvid.

next post will be how i got the nickname yennster.XDD

love,hugs and kisses
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Yennie Tegoshi
22 February 2010 @ 11:53 am
konnichiwa minna-san!!! Yennster desu! I have keyhole now!!! yatta!! i got it on friday. im addicted to it. On friday i almost got to watch yamanade but i had to go to school to pay my tuition fee.Then on saturday i was gonna watch bloody monday 2 but i woke up late but i did get to watch hidarime. then when i got home from church i got to watch school kakumei and see yamada,chinen and hikaru perform Hitomi no Screen, the pv was cool by the way..daiki was soo hot also inoo,takaki and chinen yamada too well all of them look good XDDD.  Yesterday i got to listen to Nino's radio show and also watch domoto kyodai. Today i got to listen to K-chan's NEWS..YAY!!!!! Massu was the guest.I got to hear a preview of Sakura Girl...and i must say i love it..the song is soooo nice i cant wait for the Single to come out, Thank fully i recorded it XDD. Today in Japan is Kame's otanjoubi. i shall do a bday post for him later.

~~~Also for this month i made new friends here in LJ~~~~
Yoroshiku ne~~ Thanks for adding me. Let's be good friends ne.

yasashiismile - ami-chan
kataomi - kataomi - san
danalovesakame - dana-chan
theproudpenguin - pengu-chan
april_arioka - april-chan
biconne - Anin-chan

Thats all for now.


P,S i shall post on how i got my new nickname Yennster later when i do the bday post for kame.
P.P.S if anyone want the k-chan's NEWS Feb 22 that i recorded just free to PM me..

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Yennie Tegoshi
15 February 2010 @ 10:43 pm
Happy birthday to hika-chanyamada1317 !!! and also happy birthday to kusano/Notti!!!!  Also happy belated birthday to abcangels which was on feb 12 and katrinasacay which was yesterday feb 14 ( oh sugoi her bday is on valentine's day..sweet). I wish all of you the best of luck, good health and many more wishes and birthdays to come.

read more here....kawaiiii pics here!!!!Collapse )
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Yennie Tegoshi
12 February 2010 @ 03:30 pm
OMG!! finally NewS release a new single its been a long time.

Sakura girl

Limited edition:
- Comes with a movie. Message from NEWS apparently
-4 songs- Sakura Girl, "undecided title", Love Melodies and Sakura Girl Acapella

Regular edition:
- Comes with the movie
- 4 songs- Sakura Girl, "undecided title", FREEDOM, Sakura Girl original karaoke

** RELEASE ON MARCH 24, 2010 **

The information in Japanese:


M03:Love Melodies
M04:さくらガール (アカペラ)

③「Love Melodies」収録(通常盤未収録)

CD(全3曲+オリジナル・カラオケ 1曲)
M04:さくらガール (オリジナル・カラオケ)

③「さくらガール(オリジナル・カラオケ)」収録 (初回盤未収録)
④応援Ver.着ムービーダウンロードID用紙封入 (初回プレス分のみ)

- - - -

"The new single "Sakura Girl" is a refreshing and heartrending Sakura song about the season of a fateful meeting and breaking up, with "you" compared to Sakura who are going away"
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Yennie Tegoshi
01 February 2010 @ 12:50 am
Thanks to everyone who wished me to get well when i was sick. thanks minna!! I hope everyone dont get sick and be healthy. Oh yea on the 29th of january i hang out with hika-chan [info]yamada1317 .I had sooooo much fun with her. we went karaoking and we sang alot of JE songs, she also sang some songs from gackt-san. the last 2 songs we sang b4 we left was tegomass songs and it was kiss kaerimichi no love song and tanabata matsuri. hika-chan lets hang out again. ^^

with lots of love

P.S im watching tegomass 1st live concert dvd right now XDD
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Yennie Tegoshi
01 February 2010 @ 12:40 am
Kyaa sorry yabu-kun for late bday greeting.

january 31,2010

and happy birthday to the january celebrants on my my f-lists.

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Yennie Tegoshi
26 January 2010 @ 12:30 am
late greetings to sho-kun.

thanks to everyone who wishes me to feel better when i was sick.
im not sick anymore but im just stuck with an annoying cough.
i hope i feel better by friday.

love and kisses

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Yennie Tegoshi
15 January 2010 @ 01:04 pm
hisashiburi minna!

Right now im sick. T.T i got sick on tuesday. by wednesday it was soo bad. sneezing and coughing alot. my nose was red. my friend called me "rudolph" >< to top it all my parents are also sick. i caught it from my dad then my mom caught it from me. soo all of us are sick. then on thrusday morning when i woke up my throat hurts soo much. soo now im stuck with a sore throat. I've been drinking alot of orange juice and lemon honey soo i can get better quickly. i hate being sick. being sick is no fun at all. Im also getting my doses of JE boys well mostly Tegoshi cuz when i was sick last time and i just watch alot of tegoshi videos or him in it i got better. sooo im doubling it soo i can get better fast.Oh yea i had a random dream of Daiki but dont ask me what happen cuz i dont remember all i know is that i dreamt of him. well i hope i feel better soon.

with much love

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